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Unwind and relax with this handmade, Wollongong produced Lavender Scented Wheat Heat Pack that will be a must have for every household.

Your purchase of any imagine product directly supports us in our mission to continue to provide employment for people with disabilities

FAQ Wheat Heat Packs

What is a Wheat Heat Pack?

Our Wheat Heat Pack is a cotton fabric bag filled with Australian Wheat, the pack can be unscented or scented with lavender. The pack is designed to be microwaved and used to warm parts of the body. Alternatively, the pack can be placed in the freezer and used as a cool pack.

Why choose a Wheat Heat Pack from Greenacres?

Our Wheat Heat Packs are made in Wollongong, by people with a disability. By purchasing one of our wheat heat packs you are directly providing employment opportunities to people living with a disability.

Our fabrics are hand-picked and go through a rigorous testing process to meet the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5116:2016. Our supported employees sew the bags and the labels, and measure and fill the contents of the bags.

Where do I store my Wheat Heat Pack?

When the pack isn’t being utilised and has returned to room temperature, we recommend storing it in an airtight container.

How does a Wheat Heat Pack work?

Because of the insulation properties of wheat, our packs can absorb and distribute both heat and cold effectively. The heat pack has enough wheat and is designed to shape the area where you require it.

To warm your heat pack, please carefully follow the instructions on the sew-in label.

Can I use my Wheat Heat Pack as a cool pack?

Yes, you can! Because the wheat won’t freeze, it works perfectly as a cool pack. For the heat pack to be as cool as possible we recommend leaving it in the freezer for 4 hours.

If you are wanting to heat the pack after it has been in the freezer, wait until it’s reached room temperature before microwaving.

Can I heat my Wheat Pack for longer than the specified time on the label?

Every microwave varies and so do individuals’ preferences for heat. If you increase the heating time from what is recommended on the sew-in label, only do so in 10-second increments; however, you should never exceed 90 seconds. Be extremely careful and ensure the wheat heat pack isn’t too hot before putting it on the area requiring heat. You can reheat your pack if it’s warm, though we recommend no longer than half of the time specified on the label.

What should I do if my Wheat Heat Pack smells burnt

If a burning smell is detected, carefully remove the pack from the microwave and put it on a non-combustible surface to allow it to cool. When the wheat heat pack has reached room temperature, discard it.

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