Tigerlily Blossom Diffuser | 200ml


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Bring the garden inside with the smell of Tigerlily coupled with patchouli, juicy casaba melon and sweet pineapple. This beautiful 200ml diffuser is hand blended by people with disabilities in Wollongong, Australia.

Your purchase of any imagine product directly supports us in our mission to continue to provide employment for people with disabilities.



Casaba Melon, Pineapple, Tigerlily, Gardenia, Patchouli & Musk

Warning & Instructions

Keep out of reach of children & animals. Avoid contact with skin & eyes. Keep away from heat source (flammable). Do not consume (poisonous). Do not light reeds. Avoid spilling oils as it may damage furniture, textiles or surfaces. Wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth.

Carefully remove plastic stopper and place reed sticks into solution to absorb fragrance & naturally diffuse scent

FAQ Reed Diffusers

How does a reed diffuser work?

All reed diffusers have three main components: The bottle, the fragrance oil, and the reeds themselves. These reeds are made from a porous material with many tiny channels that soak up the oil mixture to disperse through the air.  


What are the reeds made from?

We use rattan diffuser reeds that are dyed black. They are porous, and we find they allow the scent to diffuse at the best rate.


How long will a diffuser last?

We aren’t able to give you a definitive answer to this question as there are many contributing factors, such as the room temperature in which the reed diffuser is placed, air conditioning, direct sunlight, and humidity. These factors will each affect how long the diffuser lasts.


Why choose a Reed Diffusers from Greenacres?

Our Reed Diffusers are made in Wollongong by people with disability. By purchasing one of our Reed Diffusers, you are directly providing employment opportunities for people with disability. Our supported employees mix and measure the ingredients, label the bottle, and box the finished product. They love working on the ‘imagine’ range, as it allows them to use their creative talents.


Safety Recommendations for Reed diffusers

– Keep out of reach of children & animals

– Avoid contact with skin & eyes

– Keep away from naked flames & heat sources

– Do not consume the oil or the reeds

– Do not attempt to ignite the reeds

– Avoid spilling oils as it may cause damage to furniture, textiles, or surfaces

– If spilt, wipe away immediately with a damp cloth


Diffuser Instructions

To start using your reed diffuser, carefully remove the plastic stopper and place the reed sticks into the solution to absorb the fragrance & naturally diffuse the scent.


Should I flip my reeds?

Flipping the reeds may provide a fresh burst of fragrance. Some people flip them daily, while others do it weekly. This is up to personal preference. Be cautious when flipping the reeds; we recommend putting protection underneath the diffuser to ensure you don’t drip the oil on surfaces, as they may become stained or damaged. If you spill oil on a surface, ensure you clean the spillage immediately. If you have no scent after turning your sticks, the reeds may be clogged, and you will need to replace them. Contact us to purchase new reeds if this happens.


Are reed diffusers environmentally friendly?

Reed diffusers are designed to be long-lasting, slow releasing and environmentally friendly. These are a safe option to scent a room without any hot wax or flame. To prevent waste, we also offer an option to get your diffuser refilled when the oil has run out. Simply call us first, then bring in your empty bottle, and we will fill it and supply you with new reeds at a reduced price.


Should I reuse my diffuser reeds?

We don’t recommend reusing the reeds as they tend to become clogged with dust over time. If you have used all of the oils and would like to get your bottle refilled, call us on 1300 IMAGINE and, for a reduced price, we can fill your bottle and supply you with new reeds.


Can I colour the oils in my diffuser?

No. By colouring the diffuser oils, you will clog the diffuser reeds and cause them to become discoloured and no longer work.

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